7 Reasons To Plan a Marquee Wedding

Marquee wedding along the coastline

With wedding marquees continuing to rise in popularity as an alternative to traditional venues, it’s hard to decide if it’s the option you want. Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think a wedding marquee is the perfect choice for your special day.

1. You get to choose your own venue

The beauty of a marquee wedding is the freedom that comes along with choosing your own venue. It might be some place close to your heart, somewhere which holds fond memories or simply from the comfort of your own back garden. Those looking for something new will find a plethora of beautiful venues available across the island. From coastlines to the countryside, the versatility of our marquees enables us to tackle tricky terrain in order to support your wedding vision – no matter where that might be.

2. You can create your own theme

Your wedding day is all about you – so why should your space be the exception? Marquees offer complete control when it comes to decoration and styling, granting you a blank canvas to craft a personal aesthetic on. In addition, we offer a wide selection of furniture and lighting that’s sure to help bring your dream space to life. Whether it’s that vintage rustic theme you’re after or something a little more unique, the choice is yours.

3. There are fewer restrictions on guest numbers

Whether the ceremony’s set to be big or small, the flexibility of a marquee allows you to accommodate each and every guest. Many of our bigger events use multiple marquees, with additional structures like catering tents used for practicality purposes. Don’t be afraid to use the outdoor space too. It’s a nice way to extend your area and let your guests enjoy the fresh air.

4. You can choose when the big day ends

Dining at night inside a traditional pole wedding marquee

With a marquee wedding, you can say goodbye to the curfews associated with many traditional venues. Evening entertainment and refreshments are a lovely way to end the day on a romantic note – just imagine dancing the night away without having to worry about timings or noise.

5. It’s easier to work within your budget

Opting for a budget-friendly setup doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. Plus, the freedom to choose your own suppliers and caterers allows you to choose local businesses that fit within your price range. Many couples task friends and family with decorating the space. Others opt for a smaller marquee and use clever planning to fit everything in. What you do is entirely up to you – you can rest assured that you won’t pay for something that you don’t want.

6. You get to enjoy the scenery

Aerial shot of a hillside petal pole wedding

It’s natural to want to show off your wedding venue. Luckily, our transparent marquee sides offer gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding scenery. The sides of our Traditional and Petal Pole marquee can be folded or unfolded as required, keeping you one step closer to nature whilst providing natural light and ventilation. Entrance canopies paired with coir mat walkways can connect your space to the outdoor world and also seamlessly integrate outdoor seating areas into your event.

7. You can pick your own caterers

Choosing your own caterers allows you to enjoy the food you want without any compromises. From woodfired pizza to hog roasts to ice cream, there’s plenty of options to pick from. We’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside a fantastic selection of caterers over the years, so we’re certain you’ll find something that fits your palette.

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We canโ€™t thank MJM Marquees enough for the work they put into making the marquee for our wedding so amazing. From start to finish, communication was brilliant and everyone we dealt with was so helpful. Ali Gordon

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