6 Tips for Styling Your Marquee Wedding

Traditional Pole interior with festoon lights and small trees

So you’ve chosen the perfect marquee for your wedding, settled on the location and picked out your caterers – now it’s time to think about design. This is where the fun really begins, where you turn a blank canvas into something that’s truly yours.

However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at this stage, not knowing what to do or how to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re low on inspiration or simply need a few pointers, here’s a handful of design tips to help get you started.

1. Welcome guests with a grand entrance

Entrance canopy decorated with lemon trees and metal lanterns

First impressions are important. And what better way to create one than with a beautifully decorated entrance? We’ve seen couples turn blank entrance canopies into floral masterpieces lined with foliage and dotted with plants. Others have placed whiskey barrels on both sides of the entrance and hung bunting for a more wooden and rustic aesthetic.

In addition, coir mat runways that lead into the marquee are great at gently guiding guests and act as a nice transition into your setup. Signs scattered along the walk or at the entrance also work well to ramp up excitement and build anticipation.

2. Use the surrounding structure

Using the high ceiling space is a simple way to create show-stopping displays that immediately garner attention. From bunting to fairy lights to paper lanterns, we’ve seen couples create arrays of cascading decorations that emphasise the grandness of the interior. If you’re looking to go one step further, then why not hang a statement piece in the centre of the setup? It’s a beautiful way to craft a focal point that the rest of your setup can rely on.

Add twists and turns to your interior by wrapping decor around the wooden poles. Foliage lends itself well here, creating a vine-like effect that mirrors the natural forest.

3. Take inspiration from your surroundings

You’ve taken the time to pick out your dream location, so make sure to take advantage of it in your wedding. Position marquees near key landmarks like trees or lakes that can serve as fantastic backdrops to your big day. Opt for panoramic windows (or no sides at all, weather dependent of course) and bring your space closer to nature, letting your guests take in the breathtaking scenery whilst reducing the need for artificial light.

We also recommend matching the decor with your surroundings. This can be achieved in a countless number of ways, including using foliage, small trees / shrubs or rustic-inspired decorations.

4. Section your space into zones

Guests will spend upwards of several hours in your space, so it’s important to keep everything organised and tidy. A tried and tested method is to section your interior into key areas, each with a distinct purpose. Zones are often distinguished by the type of flooring present or the furniture used. Keeping these areas decorated whilst limiting decor elsewhere can prevent the space from feeling cramped and create a cohesive interior. The zones present depend entirely on you, but the common ones include:

  • Dining area: comfort is at the forefront when you choose your dining furniture, but it’s also important to consider the role it plays in your overall theme. Rows of trestle tables provide a wooden finish perfect for a warm and classic aesthetic, whilst round tables covered by coloured table cloth can add a modern twist to your setup.
  • Bar area: why not place wooden furniture around our rustic bar to create a bohemian-style bar that serves your favourite refreshments? A bar space not only looks great but works practically to lessen the load on catering staff by keeping empty glasses contained to one area.
  • Chill-out zone: a lovely way of allowing guests to get away from the noise, rest their feet and catch up. Place this zone away from speakers and busy areas and add in some cosy furniture and dimmed lighting for maximum comfort. Another brilliant idea is to place this area outside, utilising wooden benches, outdoor decking and whiskey barrels to create an open space to relax in.
  • Dancefloor: a common staple of marquee weddings, and for good reason – who doesn’t want to show off their dance moves? Dancefloors are integrated into marquee itself and are available in a multitude of styles and sizes, making them perfect regardless of your specifications.

5. Design for both day and night

Traditional pole marquee illuminated by purple lighting

If you plan for the party to run into the early hours of the morning, then it’s important to design your space to accommodate that. Fairy and festoon lighting can provide a gorgeous glow to your space when the sun sets, especially when run across the outside of the canvas. Try using different coloured lighting if you’re looking to really make an impact – we’ve found that shades of purple or pink work especially well. Make sure to keep paths and outdoor spaces well lit for aesthetic and safety reasons. Trips and stumbles are definitely not on your itinerary!

6. Make the space your own

Luckily there’s no set of rules to abide by when designing, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. We always love how creative couples can get when designing their space and the little personal touches weaved into their different decorations. Ultimately your wedding is all about you, and your space’s aesthetic should be no exception.

Bring your wedding vision to life.

The process from start to finish was painless. Almost all of the guests were amazed at the space we had created and it met our needs perfectly. John McCavana

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