Top 6 Things to Consider for Your Marquee Wedding

Traditional pole wedding featuring a coir mat walkway

What’s not to love about wedding marquees? These structures pack all of the amazing aspects of a traditional wedding into one perfect package. Offering flexibility and a sense of freedom, a marquee wedding aims to provide a gorgeous yet unique character for your special day.

However, planning a marquee wedding can often seem like an uphill battle at first. Where should those go? How would I organise that? Who will help with this?

Don’t worry. With a logistical mindset and a few vital pieces of information, planning your dream day can be (no pun intended) a piece of cake. Here’s our up-to-date guide on the most important things you should consider when planning your own marquee wedding.

1. Time of Year

No matter the occasion, organising the date is always an important start.

With regards to the date of your dream day, we recommend April to September. But why? The reason is that the warmer Spring / Summer season is likely to provide much more favourable weather, allowing you to take advantage of that open atmosphere that our marquees provide.

Furthermore, the risk of gale-force gusts and storms is greatly reduced. Whilst our wedding marquees are rated for up to 70mph and heating is available for the colder weather, let’s admit, you would rather have a warm, blue-sky backdrop for your special day instead.

2. Location

An aerial shot of one of our recent rustic Marquee Weddings
Surrounded by lush green trees and a beautiful backdrop, this Wedding Marquee felt right at home in this rustic setting

One amazing advantage of a marquee wedding is the choice you have when deciding where your special day should be situated.

When choosing a destination, picking somewhere that both captivates your own heart and makes sense practically is a must. Whether your dream destination is on the grounds of a magnificent country manor, a beautiful rustic field or from the comfort of your own garden, it is vital to consider the logistics of where the marquee will be located:

  • Size – Is the venue large enough to host the wedding marquee / catering tent?
  • Gradient – How sloped is the ground surface? Flat, even and firm ground is required for our coir mat flooring. If your ground is uneven or has a slight gradient, our wooden flooring may be a more suitable option.
  • Surface – What material does the surface consist of? Often small pilot holes need to be drilled for concrete or tarmac surfaces.
  • Terrain – Are there any surrounding obstacles (i.e. trees, overhead cables, water etc) which may pose an issue? Some forward planning can often mitigate these obstacles but it is important to consider them.

Uncertain if your desired location is suitable? Don’t worry. One of our talented team members can pop out and assess the suitability for you. Contact us here for more information on our site visits.

3. Size and Style of Wedding Marquee

From our vintage Traditional Pole Marquee to our striking Petal Pole Marquee, never has there been a more diverse plethora of wedding marquee styles. Whilst choosing a design that speaks to your heart is undeniably important, you need to ensure that the selected style complements the tone of your wedding without exceeding your budget.

Moreover, you need to consider which size of marquee you require. This factor is dependent on the following:

  • How many guests will the marquee need to accommodate?
  • Is there enough room for seating, a bar or a dancefloor?
  • Is the wedding venue large enough for the size you require?

Still unsure of which style to opt for? Click here to read all about our available styles and their unique characteristics.

4. Decorations

Floral Decorations inside a Traditional Wedding Marquee
How about taking a leaf from this Marquee Wedding and adding some floral decorations to your day?

One major selling point of a Wedding Marquee is its ability to become a blank canvas, allowing for an abundance of imaginative and unique stylistic choices.

When decorating, it’s important to consider which furniture would match your theme. Whether you decide on our beautiful Rustic Trestle Tables or our gorgeous Chivari Chairs, it is essential to keep in mind how many guests you need to accommodate for and then plan accordingly.

Additionally, Wedding Marquees open more doors when it comes to lighting, accommodating for simple or layered lighting systems. Festoon and fairy lights are amongst our most popular picks, providing a soft, beautiful glimmer to your wedding. Whilst illuminating the marquee itself is vital, it is important not to disregard external lighting – especially along outdoor spaces or walkways. The last thing you need is a broken leg ruining your day!

However, what about the extras? There’s plenty of additional flourishes you can add to help your day stand out more:

  • Why not add some colour by wrapping foliage around the poles of the marquee?
  • How about a magnificent floral / balloon arch to add some enchantment to the entrance?
  • Or why not hire our Whisky Barrels (yes, really!) to create a memorable outdoor space?

The possibilities are endless.

5. Catering

The vast selection of catering options associated with a marquee wedding is an exciting (and no doubt delicious) prospect. However, it is important to keep in mind that caterers will often require their own small separate tent (which we can supply) in order to function properly. When contacting your caterers just ask what size of tent they require.

Furthermore, compared to a typical wedding venue, marquees often lack the essential infrastructure that lets caterers and suppliers run smoothly – mainly electricity. With regards to electricity, the main question is: do you have a power source close by in your house or outbuildings? If not generators for power are often a worthwhile investment.

6. Guest Welfare

Guests laughing and smiling in a Colourful Wedding Marquee
These guests were certainly enjoying these fun-filled wedding activities

Whilst your dream day is ultimately yours, it is also important to factor in the welfare of your guests.

Firstly, how practical is it for guests to access the marquee? Whilst an expedition may seem exciting to some, endeavouring through muddy ground in wedding attire may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Accounting for suitable parking and walkways will go a long way in keeping your guests happy.

In addition to this, toilet facilities are another crucial aspect to consider. It is vital to situate your toilet in a wise location – one that is easy for guests to access without disturbing the surrounding scenery. Luckily, our self-contained luxury loos are perfect for accommodating your guests without compromising on the aesthetic of your wedding.

Helping you every step of the way.

MJM delivered above and beyond for our marquee
wedding. They possess a very positive can
do attitude and that gave us great comfort leading up
to our wedding. Stephanie Shaw

While the above may seem daunting, all questions can be answered during a site visit with one of our experienced team.

We aim to provide an open, comfortable and straightforward wedding marquee service that works with you every step of the way. Contact our experienced team today to find out more information.



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