Thinking of a Wedding Marquee in 2023?

A shot of our Traditional Petal Pole Wedding Marquee

Following a chaotic era of cancellations and compromises, the marquee wedding sector is set to soar to all new heights in the upcoming years. And at a rapid rate too. According to, the UK wedding rate saw a colossal increase of 205% between July 2021 and June 2022 alone.

Within this rapid influx, a trend started to emerge: the resurgence of the Traditional marquee wedding. More and more couples are opting for that classic, vintage feeling when planning their perfect day. And it’s clear to see why. These tents provide a unique solution that aims to address all of your wedding needs.

However, what styles of marquee truly provide that authentic character? We present our top two marquees that you should hire to help your Marquee Wedding shine…

1. The Traditional Pole Marquee

An aerial shot of our Traditional Pole Wedding Marquee
Amazing aerial shot of our grand Traditional Pole Marquee

Premium. Hand-crafted. Rustic.

The Traditional Pole Marquee is a magnificent, gorgeous, bohemian-style tent that is perfect for your dream wedding day. This stylish marquee features a silky smooth white canvas that encompasses your wedding like a luxurious blanket. The towering poles shaped from high-quality Scandinavian Pine and Redwood are guaranteed to create an impressive, rustic aura that will make your day stand out amongst the crowd.

Tailored towards you.

Don’t worry. We understand that one size does not fit all. The Traditional Pole Marquee is available in a variety of sizes, offering a bespoke solution that allows room for flexibility. Moreover, its modular design enables it to be extended, providing a space for up to 260 guests.

Opening the door for decorations.

This expansive wedding space allows for imaginative and unique decoration options. Why not wrap the internal poles with floral arrangements to create a stunning, natural atmosphere? With the canvas’ neutral colour palette, the interior design possibilities are endless.

2. The Petal Pole Marquee

Night-time shot of an illuminated Petal Pole Wedding Marquee
Night-time shot of an illuminated Petal Pole Marquee

A classic Wedding marquee… reimagined.

With a striking scalloped canopy, the Petal Pole Marquee respects that authentic, traditional feel whilst providing a modern twist. From its luxurious white canvas to its elegant hempex ropes, this beautiful tent is an undoubtedly unique one.

Come rain, WIND or shine.

However, this wedding marquee’s most versatile feature is that the walls and windows can be left on or off as required. Whether it’s dark, looming rainclouds or a scorching tropical heatwave, you can rest assured that this tent has you covered. Not to mention, the addition of our impressive panoramic windows that provide the perfect opportunity for your guests to soak up the sun and gaze at the surrounding views.

Lights, camera, action.

On top of this, this astounding Wedding Marquee empowers you with the opportunity to create beautiful yet distinctive lighting styles. From festoon lights to fairy lights to chandeliers, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to illuminating your wedding space.

Providing that Perfect Wedding Marquee Experience

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