Marquee Wedding FAQ

Aerial shot of a Traditional Pole Marquee in a rustic setting.

It is common consensus that a marquee wedding is meant to be one of the best days of your life. And whilst that’s true, what nobody seems to mention is the extensive planning that precedes that day!

With so much new information to take in, it’s perfectly natural to have some questions and queries regarding your own marquee wedding. Not to fret! Below, we have compiled our most commonly asked marquee wedding questions in the hope that we can address any uncertainties you have.

Do you have a question not mentioned in this article? Please contact us directly and we will be more than happy to answer!

We offer 3 equally striking styles of wedding marquee:

Our beautiful Traditional Pole Marquee
1. The Traditional Pole Marquee
Our gorgeous Petal Pole Marquee
2. The Petal Pole Marquee
Beautiful Outdoor Marquee Wedding
3. The Deluxe Pagoda

Unsure of which marquee to opt for? No problem! Click here to read our informational guide about the intricacies of each type.

Unfortunately, there is no convenient cheat sheet when it comes to deciding what size of marquee you need. As a rough guide, we recommend approximately 1.5m2 per person, but it is important to consider other factors also, such as the space available at your location, furniture requirements and the size of any extras you desire.

No need to panic though! Our team will work closely with you and your specifications to help you determine the best size of marquee for your dream day.

Yes! Whilst flat, even terrain is best for our marquees, strategic planning and careful decisions regarding flooring can often mitigate against sloped surfaces. Any additional cost for these workarounds would be determined at a site visit.

We do! The main goal of our visit is to assess the suitability of your location, answer any queries you may have and to determine a set of finalized costs.

These surveys are an amazing idea, as our talented team members can offer specialised advice on how to make the most of your location, helping you pick the best style of marquee and paving a plan for the way forward.

When it comes to weddings, our marquee hire is for the weekend. Typically, setting up the marquee occurs 48-72 hours before your big day, allowing you to decorate and style your marquee to your heart's content.

Yes, our marquees are made from the highest quality textured PVC that will keep you sheltered from the elements. Because let's face it, getting drenched is not on the agenda for your special day!

Of course you can! Our marquee sides can either be left on or off as required. A summer heatwave? No problem, you can opt for no sides or the sides tied up, creating a refreshing open space. Gloomy weather forecasts? Well, we certainly hope not, but don't panic, all of our sides can be closed to provide sufficient shelter for you and your guests.

Absolutely. Our main priority is the safety of both our clients and our staff. Our riggers are highly experienced professionals, adhering to regulations and safety practices at all times. The marquees themselves are compliant with UK/European standards, being rated for winds up to 70mph!

Despite common misconceptions, marquees are also at little risk of causing damage to your garden. The highest risk posed would concern flooring, which can often cause discolouration to grass. However, this typically subsides in a matter of days after the marquee is taken down.

Yes, we have a luxury toilet unit available, designed in mind to keep your guests comfortable without ruining the aesthetic of your event!

From gorgeous Crossback chairs to bohemian Rustic Trestle tables, we offer a vast range of premium tables, chairs and outdoor furniture that will sublimely suit your dream day. We also offer beautiful lighting options guaranteed to help your day sparkle, in addition to heating being available for those colder months.

Click here to visit our dedicated Furniture Hire page for more information!

For our energy requirements, we can run extension leads if a suitable energy source is situated nearby. Alternatively, we can supply a generator if required.

We understand that weddings are an expansive logistical challenge, and that no matter how well you plan, events may occur and specifications may need tweaked. Our goal is to provide flexibility and we will thus work with you to the best of our ability. Furniture numbers can often be easily amended closer to the date, and marquee size may also be increased depending on current availability.

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